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MyChild.net is a K-12 free resources site for moms, teachers, and students! Our collection will be expanding every day. Here you will find free printables, resources, storybook worksheets, flashcards, games, summer reading list, and more! Take a look around and enjoy your visit!

Newest Storybook Worksheets

There are a lot of interesting books available at the bookstores and on the internet these days. Reading story books together with your kids is a great way to spend time with them. If English is your second language, it’s even better. MyChild.net encourages reading together, and also recommended story books with your kids who can print out the worksheets learn while having fun. Using a story book as a text book has many benefits. Most importantly, enjoying the learning process helps kids to remember and excel further.

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Reading lists

The importance of reading should not be overlooked. Most kids love reading fantasy and fiction. Autobiography? Sounds boring. A People’s History of the United States? Humm…it is too thick.

Take a look at our reading lists! Pick one and try it.